18 October 2019

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Choosing the top three mountain restaurants Chamonix has to offer is a subjective exercise, although we think at least two on our list, few who know Chamonix well, would disagree on. Our third choice however may prove a little more controversial so let us know whether you think it deserves its place and your thoughts on the others.

Charm, a special location (but accessible), or both, a fantastic ambience once you walk in the door (that moment when you know you’re in the right place), and great food once it arrives is the criteria we used. The latter not necessarily being fine dining, traditional mountain dishes scoring just as well providing they are executed superbly.


This was not an easy call as our second choice La Cremerie comes very close to the top spot. However, whilst locals love the charm, ambience, great food and value for money that La Cremerie offers, Les Vieilles Luge just can’t be topped for that special holiday dining experience that you will never forget and tell friends for years to come.


Tucked in the woods just above ski in ski out Chalet No.5, you arrive at a traditional, charming old farmhouse that literally dates back centuries. Once inside (duck your head as you enter) you will be taken back in time with its charming decor, wood stoves burning, and artefacts galore that tell the stories of its heritage. A warm welcome too is part of the experience before your sample some exquisitely produced local farmhouse dishes. Beef bourguignon is one of our favourites, served with their local speciality façon that’s been painstakingly made of several hours for your enjoyment. But being so good, book a table well in advance!


+33 (0) 6 84 42 37 00



There can be no worthier number 2 on our list than la Cremerie du glacier in our opinion. After a hard morning skiing or snowboarding on the Grands Montets, duck right into the woods just before the long schuss to the bottom lift station. Children love this part as you dart in and out of the trees before la Cremerie reveals itself in amongst the forest (there is an access road too for so non-skiers can meet you there). A charming building, sometimes with a cute dog outside(!), once you open the doors the charming ambience is the first thing that hits you, ice axes, transceivers, et al are strewn across chairs and tables, whilst diners tuck into the fabulous specialities that this charming establishment serves. Our favourite is their croute (see below), bread soaked in a secret wine recipe overnight, and then topped with delicious fillings on the day. And if you don’t have an adversity to mushrooms, our favourite is the forestiere. How something so simple can taste so good is beyond us – but it does! But like Les Vieilles Luge above, table are near impossible to find without a reservation, so book well ahead of your arrival.


+33 (0) 4 50 54 07 52



There’s been a few divisive issues lately around the world, and on a local level, just as divisive we are sure is going to be our third choice, La Panoramic at the top of the Brevent cable car.


Locals will be up in arms by this choice with claims for the Refuge de Lognan on the Grands Montets, or La Taniere in Les Houches, but we are sticking to our guns on this. Yes the aforementioned are both special, but neither are easily accessible, nor do they have views such as Le Panoramic. Just take a look at our photo below, it has to be worth the entrance price for this alone? Yes the food id not the best in the valley at altitude, and it is not a cheap choice either, but on a warm sunny day it is a once in a lifetime dining experience that very few other locations can come close to matching.

So there we have it – our top 3 Chamonix mountain restaurants – let us know what you think using the comments box below.

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