16 February 2021

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Passionate about skiing and snowboarding and what to share and encourage your children into the snow sports family, well here’s a few of our top tips on making family ski holidays fun and a success this winter.

Getting the balance right on ski and snowboard holidays is a dynamic that requires constant evolution. It also depends on each child and family, but here’s our thoughts on what typically works well.

Family Skiing

The first challenge is whether to ski and / or snowboard with all the family, or put the children in lessons. This is a personal choice of course, but we believe lessons are invaluable for all, children especially. Lessons help us improve technique, build our confidence and therefore ski and snowboard better, and have more fun. Yes, that means adults in the family too.


Private snowboard and skiing lessons are a good option but more expensive. If opting for private, and sharing these with some family ski members, try to ensure they are similar ability. Also that their confidence level are similar too as this will determine how quickly each progresses. In terms of ages, children and adults are typically best split as children progress quicker generally.

Group lessons are a popular choice and well worth considering. Here you and your family will ski and / or snowboard with skiers and snowboarders who are a similar level. Children benefit also by skiing or snowboarding with other children of a similar age. They therefore often make new friends and acquaintances on holiday, sometimes from other countries and backgrounds.

Time Away From The Slopes

Great family skiing and snowboarding is a vital ingredient, but additional activities we think should also be a consideration. This is where Chamonix excels, we think considerably over most, if not all family ski holiday destinations.


Chamonix benefits from being an all year round family holiday destination. Notwithstanding the fact that it has a large population who live here all the time. As a consequence, it benefits from so many family activities for ages. The luge, an indoor and outdoor ice rink, a full sized olympic swimming pool with slides, indoor tennis courts, two indoor climbing centres, and so much more. Then there are the shops, so many to browse, restaurants and bars. Notwithstanding huski rides, horse drawn sleigh rides, or a trip on the scenic train. Then there is the Mer de Glace and it 100 year old tram, or for a day or afternoon of pampering, there is always the Chamonix Spa!

Ski In Ski Out Luxury Chalet

As far as family ski holidays are concerned, a ski in ski out luxury chalet is hard, if not impossible to beat. No icy paths with children and skis  in hand to deal with. Nor do you have to climb in and out of vehicles to get to the slopes. Just step out the door, pop out the door onto the piste, and ski down with the ESF ski school below.

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Not only do you benefit from Chalet No.5’s ski in ski out location, family ski holidays benefit from its fabulous amenities too. Parents will love the massage and treatments room where they can be pampered day or evening (additional costs apply). Then there is the sunken hot tub, the sauna, the games room, and our favourite, a night at the movies in the cinema room.

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