Coronavirus Update December 2020 – Chamonix Exclusive

Heading out of 2020 and into 2021, many will be reflecting back on a challenging year with the coronavirus at the forefront of most people’s reflections. The travel industry has been particularly affected. The roll out of the vaccinations this month and through the first half of 2021 suggests a brighter future and return to normal travel for all soon. We certainly hope so for the wellbeing of so many.


Whatever trials and tribulations our industry has suffered, pales into insignificance the personal suffering so many have experienced.  The amazing healthcare workers worldwide deserves a special thank-you for all for their perseverance in the face of adversity, and the personal suffering they have had to endure. At Chamonix Exclusive we will certainly never forget their selfless acts amongst their respective communities.

Chamonix Chalet No.5

Chamonix Exclusive, and ski in ski out Chalet No.5, will continue to operate during the winter of 2021 if permitted to do so. The latest government announcement in France was that ski resorts must remain closed until 20th January 2021. We will therefore commence operations on the 23rd January. The french government are reviewing this directive later this month. We do not however anticipate any changes to resort opening dates currently. Chalet No.5 will be ready to operate should the ski resorts be allowed to open before the date previously advised. If further delays are announced, chalet operations will be adjusted and we will inform you accordingly.

Decision to Delay Ski Lift Opening

The closure of ski resorts in France until the 20th of January feels a little harsh to us. The World Health Organisation have stated, the concern is not significantly related to ski lifts, and skiing and snowboarding is relatively safe. The main concern is the risk of crowds mixing afterwards, après-ski. This raises the question whether this risk could have not been mitigated by the closures of bars and areas people are likely to congregate without appropriate social distancing? We hope with careful planning the resorts will open soon and allow us to ski and snowboard. As a ‘fresh air’ sport we are sure lifts could easily apply safe distancing protocols to keep people safe.

Now Taking Bookings For 2021/22

Some of you will know that Chamonix Exclusive have operated for more than 16 years. As an established provider, our financial stability is good. This has allowed us to prudently budget for the worst case scenario of a continued closure during the winter of 2021. We are hoping this will not be the case. Nevertheless, this prudent approach helps ensure we are well placed to be here to serve you in 2021 / 2022. If you prefer to delay your holiday to 2021 / 22 season, prices can now be found on our website here and we are accepting bookings accordingly.


Summer 2021 and 2022


For the summer of 2021, we are anticipating offering a full service. Prices can be found on our summer page here. If we are not able to open, we have measures in place to cover expected income shortfalls accordingly. You may also book for the summer of 2022 should you prefer and the prices can be found by following the link above.

Challenging Times For So Many


Coronavirus has had a significant impact on so many travel companies, and in some cases providers will not recover from its impact. We are particularly saddened to see some amazing companies unable to support themselves and continue to trade in recent months. For new and more established businesses with high overheads, no income for 12 months is an impossible situation. Limited government support and divergent policies in different countries has placed so many companies in difficulty. Our hearts and support go out to the owners and staff of these companies in this distressing time.

Checkout Our News Page For Future Updates

Chamonix Exclusive will keep you posted on the developments in France. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well. Thank you for your endless support, from old to new customers who have gratefully rebooked and/or have deferred their holidays to new dates. We look forward to welcoming you when the time comes. Your support and consideration is always  greatly appreciated and continues to make a difference.

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