3 Chamonix Ski Runs You Must Ski

Spoilt for choice in Chamonix, here are 3 Chamonix must ski runs that you have just got to search out and enjoy.  Hard to pick 3 I know, but there has to be winners and losers! All are listed runs so classics such as the Valley Blanche are not included in the list (it would be of course otherwise(!).

Fontaines – Les Houches (Red Piste)


If you are skiing or snowboarding in Les Houches, head to the top of the Col de Voza piste. Here, three ski lifts meet, the Crozat, Kandahar, and Col de Voza chair. The Fontaines run is found next to the Crozat chair, right side of it as you start to descend.


A schuss is needed at first (sorry snowboarders) but it is worth the effort. After this, you can go left or right. The blue to the right is also pretty, but we prefer the sweeping, rolling red that flows under the lift and then through the trees.  Stunning views of St Gervais and Sallanches, it is a cruises paradise. A lovely carving run and as the trees rush past, you get the sense of speed and fun. And have we mentioned the chair lift ride backup………

Les Houches Ski Map, luxury chalet chamonix exclusive
Chamonix Ski Map, luxury chalet chamonix exclusive

Crochues – Flegere (Red Piste)


Such a great run, takes a little bit of effort to get across to the run, as the far right of the Flegere piste map. But worth it! Something about this run that feels remote, a valley on its own, even though it isn’t. Accessed via the 8 person Index chair, you exit right as you reach the top. 400m away you will see the Floria drag lift. At the top of this, traverse across to the red, and take a breather, look around.


Once descending, take your time, the views are stunning, to the left the mountain peaks, ahead in the distance below, the main ski area. A combination of steep, followed by twisting turns. Stay left all the way down to enjoy a lovely, challenging final run at the bottom before the Trappe chair lift.

Chamois – Grands Montets (Black Run)


If it has snowed a night or two before, this has to be one of the best pistes runs in the valley. Head to the top of the Bochard Gondola. First take in the Poubelle Couloir, a spectacular site and skied far more than you might think. Looking for something a little easier, continue down the piste and take a left about 3-400m below the top of the lift station. It is straight forward enough as one traverses across.


Now, unless you are super fit, in good snow, this is not a run to be taken lightly. It is not the steepest black in Chamonix, but it is long one and generally moguls too. On the edge of the Lavancher Bowl, it is like the Crochures in its feeling of remoteness, with stunning views and a wide bowl around it. Lots of turns, a few short cuts perhaps for competent skiers and snowboarders, and just simply a special ride. Legs burning. you’ll arrive at Retour Pendant which which will take you back into the main ski area and well earned hot chocolate!

Chamonix Ski Map, luxury chalet chamonix exclusive

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