Mountain Restaurants Chamonix – Part 1




Chamonix has so much choice on the slopes in terms of eating out, but when it comes to selecting the best, we think the acid test for the mountain restaurants Chamonix has to offer is whether you will find the Mountain Guides and locals eating in them.


Part 1 of a 2 part series, we have started with  our three favourites of the Chamonix Mountain Restaurants we, the ones we and  our friends, frequent the most:





Our Rating *****

Tel: +33 (0)6 84 42 37 00

In our opinion, the ultimate compliment for any high quality restaurant is the number of discerning locals that reside within it - and the Vieilles Luge is the one that probably has the most! Probably (certainly in our view) the best mountain restaurant Chamonix has to offer for many seasons. Outstanding food, a unique setting and ambience, and a warm and friendly welcome from the owners. Not to mention it sits just above Chalet No.5 and is therefore a short ski home too! The winning formulae is based on keeping things uncomplicated and authentic. A simple choice of stylish, traditional alpine dishes superbly presented with great flavours. Whether it is a slow cooked beef bourguignon or pork shoulder, a local hand made sausage, each mouthful will blow one's mind away.

Booking a table is a must, so popular is this restaurant, and that means as many days in advance as possible. And when you visit, we highly recommend the speciality façon that is loving speciality potato dish that is prepared daily over several hours and accompanies the beef, pork, et al - although once you've tried you be going back a second time to make sure it was as good as you remember it! the first time!



Our Rating *****

Tel: +33 6 88 56 03 54

Whether La Cremerie or the Refuge Lognan is the best place to dine in the Grands Montes ski area often splits opinions. Either choice, you are in for a treat. Personally, we think they offer different dining, as well as price options and it is therefore more a question of what you are looking for, rather than one being better than the other. For us, La Cremerie is the one we most go to, but that is just because, being based in the valley, of all the great Mountain Restaurants Chamonix has to offer, this is by far the best value for eating out regularly. So good in terms of taste, atmosphere and value, choose from one of the gourmand options and you can dine for as little as €20 including a glass of wine!

The wine is a must by the way, the speciality here is the croute (a bread dipped in wine and baked with your favourite topping. This is a savoyard speciality you get in most places and isn't normally something to shout about, except here! How such a simple dish can be made to taste so incredible is hard to fathom, but it does! Our favourite is the Forestier (cream mushrooms on the croute – see right) with a house red! Other options exist including omelettes, salads steaks, etc. (see top picture for the mountain restaurant interior). Great value, brilliant mountain restaurant food, Chamonix locals will have booked first if you don't get in before them!

Please Note: As we have noted in the review of the Les Vieilles Luge, things change over time. Therefore whilst the reports are our genuine attempt to review subjectively the best mountain restaurants in the Chamonix Valley, things do and will change over time (standards, chefs, and owners) and should you therefore feel any of our reviews do not reflect how you find them in the 2018/19 ski season – drop us a note in the comments box accordingly so we can add your thoughts to this review. Or if there are any restaurants you would like us to review and add to the list, contact us about this too.