Terms and Conditions for Chamonix Exclusive

Terms & Conditions

All bookings shall be bound by the terms and conditions detailed on this page and any other procedures or directions reasonable given by the Operator SARL Leyshon, trading as Chamonix Exclusive, and its employees.

Hereinafter SARL Leyshon shall be referred to as "Chamonix Exclusive" and such reference to Chamonix Exclusive shall refer and apply to SARL Leyshon.

1. Booking

Bookings made with Chamonix Exclusive must be accompanied by 20% deposit of the total holiday price. Reservations can only be confirmed on receipt of the full deposit.

The contract will take effect on receipt of the full deposit and Chamonix Exclusive have issued confirmation of receipt of payment. The remaining balance is due 10 weeks prior to your holiday start date. Full payment will be required for bookings made within 10 weeks of your holiday.

In the event that the remaining balance is not received 10 weeks prior to your holiday start date, Chamonix Exclusive will make reasonable endeavours to remind the client of monies due to expedite payment. Ultimately Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to cancel the booking without further reference to the client and in such cases the client shall forfeit any deposit paid.

2. Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments will be subject to a 2.5% surcharge for all payments (bookings and any additional services, lift passes, ski school, etc). Payments by credit card will be taken in Euros at the prevailing rate of exchange set by Chhamonix Exclusive. This is set periodically by Chamonix Exclusive and will be advised at the point of payment being taken for sterling payments (e.g. deposits and bookings).

Alternatively clients may pay by bank transfer or cash (no charge with such paymens will apply).Payments by bank transfer must be made prior to the date of payment being due and allowing appropriate time for international banking clearance before the due date.

All Euro payments due (for services that are charged in Euros - e.g. ski school, lift passes, etc) must be paid for in Euros by either bank transfer, cash or credit card (for credit cards a 2.5% surcharge applying).

Bank Transfers may be paid for in Euros or sterling only.

3. Flights & Ferries

Flights or ferries ('carriers') are not included within the holiday price and as such is deemed to be the sole responsibility of the client. Any Carriers (flights and ferries) shown on this website or referenced by Chamonix Exclusive and its employees are for information purposes only and Chamonix Exclusive does not warrant their fitness for purpose in any form. No liability will exist between the client and Chamonix Exclusive for any failure by a carrier to deliver the services contracted, including, but not exhaustive of late arrivals or departures in any event, including events considered a Force Majeur event.

4. Winter Airport Transfers & Transport (Available Winter Ski Season Only)

For winter bookings only, unless otherwise agreed, Chamonix Exclusive will provide a return transfer on Saturday's for 12 guests to and from Geneva Airport. For additional guests and transfers requested on other days a charge will apply and such transfers are subject to availability and a charge of £250 per vehicle per journey is applicable (8 seater minibus). 

Chamonix Exclusive, may, subject to agreement, provide transfers from other airports but surcharges in such cases shall apply.

For transfers to and from Geneva Airport where there are various arrival or departure times, Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to, await for all flight arrivals when transfering clients to the chalet. For departures where there are various depature times, Chamonix reserve the right to transfer clients all together based on the earliest time of departure from the chalet, or charge an additional cost (£250 per vehicle pre journey - 8 seats) for multiple journeys, subject to availability.

Clients are reminded that the time of departure must be no later than 10.00am on the day of departure. No transfer to Geneva Airport shall take place after 10.00am unless agreed in writing by Chamonix Exclusive and in such case a minimum surcharge of £250 per vehicle per journey will apply.

Incoming guest pick ups (transfers from Geneva Airport to the chalet) will be between 2pm and 7pm on the day of arrival. Any requests for times outsidde of these arrival times may be requested but will be subject to availability or subject to an additional charge.

Departures (on the day of departure) from the chalet between 06:00am to 07:00am will be subject to a surcharge of £125 per vehicle per journey. and vehicle Transfers before 06:00am will be subject to a charge of £225 per vehicle per journey. Any transfers prior to 07:00am wll be subject to agreement in writing with Chamonix Exclusive and prior notice and is subject to availability.

Whilst Chamonix Exclusive will do everything reasonably possible to collect clients from Geneva at the most convenient time, collection cannot be guaranteed without some delays due to operational circumstances and scheduling from time to time. Whilst we endeavour to pick up clients prior to 2pm on the arrival date, this can be particularly difficult due to scheduling issues of outbound clients and incoming clients are advised to choose afternoon arrival times to minimise any risk of delay at the airport.

5. In Resort Driver Service (Available Winter Ski Season Only)

Chamonix Exclusive will provide an in resort on call driver service between 08:30hrs and 12:00hrs and between 14:30hrs and 24:00hrs (one mini-bus), but excluding the staff day off.

Please note that this service is an 'on call' service and the driver should therefore, where possible, be given advance notice of the time and place of the collection to avoid unnecessary waiting. The driver will undertake best endeavours to respond to any call within the times stated above within 15 minutes, plus the transfer time from the chalet to the pick up point. Clients may however arrange collections times in the morning to seek to avoid any delays at their point of collection or by telephone giving 15 minutes plus the transfer time to ensure the driver is waiting accordingly. Road conditions, operation restrictions, traffic, etc however may from time to time cause delays in pick ups and whilst Chamonix Exclusive will take all reasonable steps to ensure we pick up at the times agreed and within the standards listed here, such times can not and is not guaranteed.

No in resort transport shall be provided on the staff day off. Such transfer and transport shall operate solely in the Chamonix Valley (excludes Vallorcine and the pass Col des Montets). Any requests outside the Chamonix Valley may be agreed between Chamonix Exclusive and the client, but surcharges will apply. Where notice is not given, delay may be incurred caused by the driver travelling to your collection point, including collection at the chalet (afternoon service where the driver maybe situated elsewhere in the valley). Where more than one request is made by various clients in the party, at various points and times in the valley, the driver will schedule the collection as best as possible, but some delays may result. Clients assistance where possible to coordinate such requests is always welcomed and very much appreciated.

Please note that for the 'standard' on call driver service we provide one 8 seater mini bus and therefore where collection is for larger groupings, two journeys will be undertaken (please note under no circumstances will the vehicle exceed the 8 seater capacity).

When necessary, a second vehicle (subject to availability) will be available for lift station drop-offs before 9:30 and between 16:30 and 18:00 hours only. A second on call vehicle may, subject to availability, be added to your holiday package, but please note charges would apply for the 2nd driver, and advance notice is required. The charge for a second on call vehicle will be £1,000 for 5 days. An on-call driver service may also be secured on the staff day off. The cost of this service is £200 per vehicle and is subject to availability and advance notice also.

6. General Terms of Use of Chamonix Exclusive Transfers, Vehicles and Related Services

All transfers and transport are subject to operational availability, road and weather conditions. Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to withdraw the transfers and transport service in the interest of client and employee safety where the road, vehicle, weather conditions, or any other reasonable factor may endanger the safety of passengers, employees, or the general public. Chamonix Exclusive may also from time to time withdraw the service due to operational issues, these include but are not exhaustive of vehicle maintenance, vehicle repair, driver illness, etc, but will in such circumstances take reasonable action to minimise the disruption caused and reinstate the service at the earliest possible opportunity.

In addition to point 13, ChamonixExclusive.com reserve the right to refuse to carry any client, at any time, whose behaviour may be inappropriate, as deemed by the staff of ChamonixExclusive.com, or is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and could put their transportation, other clients, staff, or the property of ChamonixExclusive.com at risk. Any damage or cleaning that is a result of a client's inappropriate behaviour the full cost of rectification will be charged to the client. The minimum charge that shall apply in such an event shall be £300 plus the costs of any applicable damage or cleaning to the vehicle.

Children travelling in a vehicle must at all times use the child restraint seats provided. Clients must advise of any children requiring by law, or otherwise, a child restraint seat with your booking. The children's parent's or guardian are responsible at all times for ensuring that the children under their care are properly restrained in the restraints provided and any safety seats are safely fitted prior to traveling. Chamonix Exclusive reserves the right to withhold transport for children in the event of not being notified of a childs seating requirement and a child restraint seat as a consequence not being available.

All clients, whatever age must wear properly the safety restraints fitted in any vehicle operated by Chamonix Exclusive. 

Please note that vehicles provided by Chamonix Exclusive must not exceed the authorised passenger carrying capacity and Chamonix Exclusive drivers will therefore not carry over the legal capacity.

7. Insurance

Your booking does not include travel insurance. We strongly advise that all members of your party have the appropriate travel insurance in place prior to travelling. 

8. Changing Your Booking

If you wish to make alterations to your booking after the contract is formed, we will seek to accommodate your request where it is reasonable to do so. Such changes are at the sole discretion of Chamonix Exclusive.

9. Cancellation Of A Holiday By The Customer

If you choose to cancel your holiday you must do so in writing. The date of cancellation shall have taken effect when cancellation is received by Chamonix Exclusive. The person submitting the booking form must authorise cancellation. Cancellation charges for the accommodation cost will be as follows:


*  Cancellation made more than 10 weeks before arrival date - Loss of deposit

*  Cancellation made less than 10 weeks before arrival date 100% of holiday cost

Please note, that if your cancellation falls within your insurance policy terms, you may be able to reclaim any costs or charges.

10. Changes Made By Chamonix Exclusive

Many holidays are booked well in advance of the arrival date, whilst we do everything possible to meet the requirements of our customers, specifications, descriptions nd the terms detailed on this website, inevitably some changes do occur. We undertake to minimise such changes but reserve the right to make them as is necessary. In the event of a material change we will of course notify you and allow you to either; accept the change, purchase an alternative holiday from us, or cancel your holiday and receive a full refund.

11. Cancellation By Chamonix Exclusive

In the unlikely event we have to cancel your holiday, all monies paid will be returned in full. Circumstances beyond our control include events amounting to 'force majeure' (such circumstances include riot, war, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, adverse weather conditions, etc) are not the responsibility of Chamonix Exclusive and clients should check their travel insurance policy and ensure, should they so wish, that such are covered accordingly.

12. Price Guarantee

Whilst we reserve the right to change our prices, your confirmation invoice price is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to change without agreement. However, should events beyond the control of Chamonix Exclusive occur that require a surcharge to be applied, Chamonix Exclusive will notify the client of such charges and the Client may in such circumstances either accept the surcharge, or cancel your holiday with all monies that have been paid eturned to you by Chamonix Exclusive in full.

13. Behaviour

The customer must undertake to behave in such a manner as not to disrupt the enjoyment of other guests staying in the chalet or the residents and guests in surrounding chalets, or using transportation provided by Chamonix Exclusive.
Guests being, or found to have been: rude, offensive, aggressive, swearing or acting inappropriately to a guest, a member of staff, or any person in the resort, Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to terminate the holiday immediately without compensation. In such a case Chamonix Exclusive will have no further obligation to them and no monies will be refunded.

Any damages and breakages must be notified to Chamonix Exclusive immediately and may be charged to the customer. Damages, other than small incidental damage that are accidental and could not have been reasonably avoided (accidents caused under the influence of alcohol would not however be eexcluded), will be subject to £300 administration fee on top of the repair or replacement costs. Parents with children are responsible for any damage that they may cause and their supervision accordingly.

For the avoidance of doubt, clients taken ill in their bedroom as a result of the influence of alcohol, will be subject to this damages clause and administration fee.

Customers must not solicit, encourage or allow non-residents to use the chalet, its facilities or services without prior written agreement from Chamonix Exclusive and failure to adhere to this Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to terminate the holiday immediately without compensation

14. Winter - Luxury Ski Holiday

Your ski holiday includes breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. Free selected wines during dinner (6 nights of the week). Wine may be restricted to a maximum of one bottle of wine per guest at Chamonix Exclusive's discretion. Wine consumed outside of these times will be charged accordingly.

Meals are provided for six nights. The staff have one day off in the week. On the staff day off a buffet breakfast and afternoon tea will be provided (set up the night before for self service), dinner is not included. 

To ensure and maintain the enjoyment of all guests during the holiday, staff may refuse to serve alcohol to guests where a guest is considered to be unfit for further consumption of alcohol, or if the guests causes or has caused concern in respect of their behaviour under the influence. All guests are drawn to point 13 in respect of behaviour that applies.

15. Nanny Service

Where a Nanny service is provided as part of your price of your winter ski holiday (must be stated in writing as included). The Nanny service shall be for a maximum of 6 hours a day and excludes the staff day off (5 days of the week). A Nanny service can be provided on the day off at a price of £20.00 per hour (rounded up to the nearest hour) but must be pre-booked however prior to arrival in resort. The maximum number of children per Nanny is two. If additional Nanny's are required a charge of £20.00 per hour (rounded up to the nearest hour) shall apply in addition and is subject to advance notice and availability (booked prior to arrival in resort).

16. No Smoking Policy

Chamonix Exclusive operates a very strict no smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted inside the chalet or in the vicinity of entrance doors or windows. Guests may smoke in the gardens and decking areas providing the smoke does not enter the chalet, and that residue cigarette ends, cigars, or tobacco are removed and disposed of safely in the appropriate refuse bins. The holiday of any customer or party in breach of this clause may be terminated immediately and without compensation and Chamonix Exclusive will have no further obligation to them.

17. Pets

Pets are strictly not allowed in or around the chalet.

18. Arrival, Departure Times & Condition Of Chalet On Departure

The chalet and rooms will be available from 4.00pm on the day of arrival.

The chalet must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure to enable cleaning for incoming guests. The chalet should be left in a good condition. Where the chalet is left in a condition that requires additional cleaning, over and above what would be normally expected, Chamonix Exclusive reserve the right to charge costs, including administration, for the additional service requirement.

19. Complaints

Whilst we take all reasonable care to ensure that your holiday with us is an enjoyable one, from time to time complaints may arise. If you have a complaint please inform the Chamonix Exclusive resort representative immediately who will endeavour to resolve the problem. If you are unable to contact the resort representative or do not get a satisfactory conclusion, you should contact the help number immediately on +33 (0)4 50 91 99 34.

20. Liability

Chamonix Exclusive accepts no responsibility for the acts or omissions of its clients, whether negligent or otherwise, and shall not be held liable for any claims made against them.

21. Visas

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any visa as necessary before travelling. Non EU Passport holders should note that the local airport, Geneva, is not an EU member country.

22. Website

The information contained on our website is correct to the best of our knowledge, but should not be relied on and may be subject to alteration.

23. Law & Jurisdiction

These conditions and any contract to which they apply are governed in all respects by French Law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in France.

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