10 Things To Do Before Your Ski Holiday




Looking forward to next seasons sunshine, powder and apres-ski, well here are our top ten things to do before your ski holiday to make sure it is plain sailing when you arrive:

1. Make Sure You Remember To Book The Time Off

Get your name down first on the holiday rosta early before it is too late, after all, nothing worse than missing out on the weeks you really want to ensure you are enjoying the best snow or the sunniest spring conditions.

2. Check Your Passport Will Still Be Valid At The Date of Departure

You will be surprised how many people have this last minute panic – there is always one!

3. Book Your Favourite Chalet Now Before It's Too Late

This is not only insurance against being left with the chalet that no one else wants (and will of course be miles from the piste – ski in ski out rules right(!)), it saves money as well (see 4 below)!

4. Book Your Flights As Early As You Can

In the old days leaving flights to the last minute might of generated a late deal, but not anymore. Nowadays you can save £000’s by booking BA, Easyjet, Jet2 and others  early (far outweighing any discount one of those ski chalets no one wants might give you a couple of weeks before you go).

5. Spend A Little Time On Your Fitness / Stay Fit

With just two months to go until the ski and snowboard season starts, high on the list ideally will be fitness. You overall wellbeing aside, getting / staying fit makes your ski and snowboard holiday so much more pleasurable, and you will ski or snowboard a lot better too. Running and cycling help but there are many other things you can do so don’t panic if that’s not your thing. Using the stairs at work rather than the lift, walking extra steps in the local park, some ski / wall squats or losing one or two lbs / kgs. if you, have enjoyed a little too much prosecco this summer!

6. Check Your Equipment And Get Kitted Out Early

Chance to air ski trousers, jackets, et al – and make sure those pesky mice haven’t chewed through your favourite items too. Also, that the baggy snowboard trousers’ are still baggy (otherwise go back to 5 above ;)), the skis and snowboards are still where you thought they were, and in good condition. Then pop them down to your favourite ski and snowboard shop for their annual service – best not too leave it to the last minute as you might find you’re one of several who also need them tomorrow! And finally on equipment, if you need new snowboard boots or ski boots, we recommend you pop to your favourite profession fitters early to be properly attended and fitted before the rush rather than last minute. This will not only save time, but we find results in a better, more accurate fit.

7. Spend At Least Two or Three Nights or Weekends Down Your Local Ski Slope

Not only are you supporting your local ski economy, you are making sure you hit the slopes running, rather than taking a couple of days of your holiday to find your feet. Add to this the fact that Dry Ski Slopes really do ‘home-in’ the technique, especially if you invest in a lesson or three!

8. Book Your Ski Lessons And Passes Prior To Arrival

We book and collect on your behalf, booking and collection a free concierge service that’s offered to all our clients. For passes, this way you can go straight on to the slopes rather than queue all morning at the lift station. For lessons, it makes sure you don’t miss out, particularly peak weeks when demand exceeds the instructors available.

9. Relax & Enjoy A Ski and Snowboard Equipment Hire Fitting At Chalet No.5 On Your Arrival

Having just arrived at ski in ski out Chalet No.5, we understand the last thing you want to have to do is trudge down to the local ski hire shop to get kitted out, often wasting time queuing and jostling to be seen! Hence why our guests can rest easy by pre-booking an in-house ski fitting service where the boots, skis and snowboard fitters come to you (now that’s luxury!

10. Enjoy The Excitement Of Looking Forward To Your Holiday (Not Forgetting To Pack Just Before)

As we head towards the cold, dark nights, we need a little luxury to look forward to. The flights are booked, the chalet secured, everything in place. Time to dream of powder snow, blue ski days, that relaxing jacuuzi, the massage and treatments you’ve promised yourself, some apres-ski, a few cosy nights in front of the fire, your feet up – all ready to be served……..